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Michael & Pamela Wilcox
2016 Midwest Homebrewer of the Year
Midwest Homebrewer of the Year Winner Photo

"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a Big Deal. People know me. I have many shiny medals and my basement smells of raspberry melomel."

Upon overcoming a life of privilege and rugged good looks, Michael's obsession with fermentation science began more than 20 years ago in his hometown of Olympia, WA at the Eastside Club Tavern. He called Dicks IPA "grapefruit juice/breakfast beer" and quickly became a hop-head but still loved the "adult milkshake" that was Fish Tale Mudshark Porter. After college and marrying Pamela, Michael settled in Kansas but was immediately dismayed at the selection of beer and wine. And so it began…

Michael has approximately 500 batches of beer, mead, cider, and wine under his belt, sized from 1 gallon to 10, and has blended them together into thousands more flavor profiles. His ridiculous tendency to blend everything could be considered a cry for help at this point. Through it all Pamela was his best friend, taster, blending specialist, and biggest fan until her untimely death from a rare cancer in 2016.

Realizing he had approximately a 25-year supply of alcohol in his basement, Michael recently slowed his brewing rate to only marginally absurd levels and has focused on things that will age well, especially mead and red wine.

Michael has been casually studying apples for the last couple decades and is currently writing content for the BJCP Cider Exam coming in 2017. He is also a Mead Judge, Grandmaster Beer Judge, and an Exam Grader. The influence he has taken from the greats can be seen in his competition advice: "Don't let your dreams be dreams!" - and - "RTFG". He appreciates the research some have done in recent years to revolutionize homebrewing, but firmly believes in "If something works, keep doing it."

Michael enjoys short walks to the refrigerator, sessionable lagers, and beating Steve Fletty in competition. Now that he is MWHBOTY, he struggled to find his next goal, until remembering that egomaniacal buffoons can now win election. A whole new world of possibilities has opened up!

He thanks the judges for their consideration of his creations, and Tim Thomssen for going pro.

P.S. – Fuck Cancer

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