About the Competition: The Midwest Homebrewer of the year competition uses the results from several homebrew competitions throughout the midwest. The homebrewer with the most accumulated points from beer, mead, and cider BJCP category entries wins the Midwest Homebrewer of the Year award.

About the Competition
The Midwest Homebrewer of the Year competition selects the top homebrewer from the Midwest based upon points earned in participating competitions. The homebrewer with the highest Net Score at the end of year wins the title of "Midwest Homebrewer of the Year" and receives significant Prizes. Points are accumulated by winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any of the homebrew competitions in the MWHBOY Circuit. A brewer's accumulated points are multipled by his winning percentage (his ratio of medals to entries) to calculate his Net score, upon which the competition's rankings are based. For a detailed description of the competition rules and the formula used to calculate a brewer's Net Score, please visit the Rules page.
2015 BJCP Style Guidelines
Now that the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines have been released, some competitions may decide to use this version instead of the 2008 Guidelines. The 2015 BJCP Guidelines utilize an entirely different set of categories than the 2008 Guidelines. The Midwest Homebrewer of the Year competition has traditionally provided points at the BJCP category level -- for instance, any beers winning in the styles "3A Vienna Lager" or "3B Oktoberfest/Marzen" would accumulate points under the category "3 European Amber Lager". This category does not exist in the 2105 Guidelines and these two styles are no longer in the same 2015 category. Consequently, for the purposes of the MWHBOY competition, all 2015 styles will be mapped to the 2008 categories, based upon the BJCP's suggested mapping. The 2015 style-to-2008 category mapping is provided on pages 72 to 73 of the "BJCP Beer Style Guidelines - 2015 Edition" under the heading "2. Styles Sorted Using 2008 Guidelines (Modified)". So, for example, if your 12B Australian Sparkling Ale wins a medal in a competition that uses the 2015 style guidelines, you will be assigned points in category "8 English Pale Ale". If you then win a medal for your 8B Special/Best/Premium Bitter in a different competition that uses the 2008 guidelines, then you will only receive points for whichever medal provided the most MWHBOY points, since both the 12B Australian Sparkling Ale and the 8B Special/Best/Premium Bitter are mapped to the same 2008 category (i.e. "8 English Pale Ale").
Tim Thomssen
2014 Midwest Homebrewer of the Year
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Tim Thomssen of Lincon, Nebraska is the 2014 Midwest Homebrewer of the Year! View all previous winners here.
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Farmhouse Brewing Supply is now the official sponsor of the Midwest Homebrewer of the Year competition!
Standings have been updated with results from the Wizard of Saaz and the Indiana State Fair Brewer's cup!
Standings are updated with the results from the Draft Dayton BrewFest!
Standings are updated with the results from the German Fest Stein Challenge and the BABBLE Brew-Off!
The results from the Midwinter Homebrew Competition are now available. We have received the data for the German Fest Stein Challenge and are working on integrating the 2015 styles into the website. Also, the MUGZ Land of the Muddy Waters competition has been added to the circuit for 2015.